DJI CP.TP.000029 Matrice 100 (Black)


(as of 03/16/2019 at 22:01 UTC)

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EXPANSION BAYS Additional expansion bays allow you to add components, customize the payload, and fly with any devices you want. Put cameras, sensors, computing boards, communication tools, and more into the sky, and gather data while completing complex jobs from a birds-eye view. UNIVERSAL POWER AND COMMUNICATION PORTS a Connect and fly with a range of DJI or third party devices, and transmit data to the ground in real time. The Matrice 100 has dual parallel CAN ports for connecting DJI devices including the Guidance sensor system and dual parallel UART ports for connecting third party components of your choice. Now it is easy to mount your own equipment and put it into the sky.


  • Customizable Aerial Platform
  • Universal Power and Communication Ports
  • Includes Controller and Flight Battery
  • Dual Battery Compartments
  • Includes Two Expansion Bays


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